Thursday, December 23, 2010

Krav Maga

         Imre lichtenfeld was an Israeli martial artist who founded the Krav Maga self defense system.

                                                       What is Krav Maga ?

Krav Maga meaning close combat is a hand to hand combat system developed in Czechoslovakia Israel in the 1930s, it involves wrestling, grappling, and striking techniques known for their very effective and brutal counter attacks.

                                             Basic principles of Krav Maga
  1. Effective Counter Attacking.
  2. Targeting the body's most vulnerable points such as Groin, Nose, Throat, Knee, Eyes, to neutralize the opponent.
  3. Being aware of your surroundings in order to look for escape routes, attackers, objects around that can be used to defend yourself.
                                            There are three levels of practice :
  1. For the Army.    (Attack)
  2. For the Police.   (Threat neutralization) 
  3. And For the civilians. (defense)
It is practiced/used by all Israeli defense forces, there are many instructors that are teaching Krav Maga in     many parts of the world.

All together it is very effective, and can be learned and practiced by everyone.

For people who are interested in learning Krav Maga Visit  Krav Maga India

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