Friday, January 1, 2010

A Group For All Music Lovers On Facebook

Howdy Folks

Music Is One Thing That Everyone On This Planet Loves…I Being A Music Lover Too Wanted All Those People To Come Together Who Think They Can’t Live Without Music…Because Music Is Not Just About Beats And Sounds But It Is Also A Way Of Expressing Your Feelings And Emotions.

I'm Just An Ordinary 14 Year Old Boy…Who Wanted A Platform To Do Something For Music…And Guess What! I Found Facebook, A Very Popular Social Networking Site.

Thanks To Facebook , I Now Have A Group For All Music Lovers Named ILoveMusic♥. We Have Many Music Lovers Joining In, We Even Send Songs And Music Videos Within 24 Hours To People If They Place Their Request On Our Wall.If You're Also A Music Lover Please Join


This Is The Link To My Group On Facebook.

Thank you

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Anonymous said...

Very nice...Keep Up The Good Work :)