Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sleepless Nights


I rest on my arms
The room Is dark and damp
If I could only see your face
Though I know I cant

I try to close my eyes and sleep
But your face haunts my dreams
I feel like I've been teared apart
I'm broken, as it seems

I toss n turn I'm restless
I know I want sleep
I know I still think of you
Do you still think of me?

I sit up smooth but slowly
I grip my sheets with my bare hands
Why did u have to leave me here
I just don't understand

It seems the night is quiet
As I stand by my dark window
You left me with no word to say
Why did u ever have to go?

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Nimaya said...

Very it...keep on writing son :)

Pallack Bhutani said...

omg ! I LOVE IT ! hahahah!
shubhang, ur amazin :P :P
p.s- u ryt well u knw...<3 :P

Shubhang Dogra said...

Thankyou Nimaya And Pallack..!
:) said...

Good work :) very mature :) keep it up

Shreya Mehta said...

Woahh :O

Shubhang Dogra said...

Thank you Archana And Shreya :)

Keep visiting.